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ACTOR from Pennsylvania

Actor from Pennsylvania

Count Dracula is a 584 year old professional male Actor from Pennsylvania with 24 years of professional experience. Count is a native Turkish speaker, but he also speaks fluent English.

Count Dracula
My Skills
  • Extreme Stealthiness
  • Hybernation
  • Reflection Invisibility
  • Light Levitation


Photo Gallery

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Video Reel



Count is available for work in Lousiana, Florida, New York and California.


Training Info

Training makes perfect! Contact me for any other references you may need.


Contact Info

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Contact Information

Count Dracula

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Count Dracula
Count Dracula
Actor from Pennsylvania
About Count

First and foremost, I am a count and a quite famous one at that, so it's not like I decided to become an actor for fame and money. I do it for the love of the craft.

My hobbies include late night strolls by the moon light, graveyard picnics and high-intensity interval training. When I was 201 I went through a phase when I tried bodybuilding, but due to the fact that I can lift a ton with little to no effort, I was unable to build muscle. Cardio, on the other hand, works wonders.

Despite popular belief, I am a huge animal lover. I got busted red handed eating a puppy one time, one time, and the social media comments were relentless. I have a condition. Try to respect that.



From: Pennsylvania
Age: 584
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